Saturday, November 05, 2005

Apple iBook for Xmas for student or parent/student

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The 12" iBook that I plug in at the back of C4 each day makes my life as a teacher much more efficient. And recently several students have asked about it. What does it cost? Where do you get them?

Please see the Apple Store. Additionally, BestBuy is an Apple dealer.

The price of the basic iBook is $999. Teachers and university students get an educational discount
which brings the total to $949.

Apples are not as cheap as PC's. Based on having owned several Apples I can say they are
* stable (the one year-old Dell PC in my classroom is always crashing; the eMac has been purring without a hiccup for 3 years).
* elegant in interface and software design.

Today it is no problem to "cross platforms." I run Microsoft Word and Powerpoint in my Apples to ensure that my stuff works on both computer types.

More questions? I'll be happy to answer them. I also know several Apple experts in the neighborhood.

If you're looking for a lower cost Apple, there's an intriguing alternative in the little desktop model called the Mac Mini. You connect your own keyboard, mouse and monitor (PC-types OK) to the space-saving Mac Mini module.

My #1 educational tool recommendation for CMHS students would be an upgraded computer. Number 2 would be a high-speed 'net connection. I've had good luck with

Happy holidays.

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