Thursday, November 10, 2005

GWB and Texas: Midland, Houston, Austin

Phantom Regiment
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Texas, home to GWB:

Midland is a West Texas town whose size is directly related to the oil wells in the otherwise barren vicinity. Midland has a population made of locals, roughnecks, geologists and MBA's. Midland was GWB's childhood home.

Five reasons that Houston is important to Shreveport students and parents:
1) Major city only 4 hours' drive.
2) Rice University and the museum district: Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts Museum, Children;'s Museum, Holocaust Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Natural Science all within a few blocks of Hermann Park, where you will also find Hermann Park Zoo.
3) Ethnic communities and restaurants: Chinese, Vietnamese, Latino, Caribbean, Middle Eastern.
4) Some of the best bargains in America on shopping, hotels, books and records (Half Price Books chain).
5) NASA Space Center at Clear Lake, on I-45; also, it's halfway to historic Galveston.

* incumbent
* gubernatorial
* sims and difs: Bush & Clinton
* Titling: add a snappy title to everything you do for this class. Then add an explanatory subtitle.

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