Sunday, November 13, 2005

Political power and granite glory: Washington, DC, around the national mall

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The site of this center of compromise and diplomacy was a swamp. Originally there was Georgetown and Alexandria, ports on the Potomac. The swamp was drained, but the neighborhood called Foggy Bottom remains, as does the Tidal Basin overflow reservoir.

Now you have a new and greener definition of "mall," yes?

This week we will continue to examine the 10-page Wash, DC, handout I edited from World Book's article.

Thursday there will be a hand-sketched map quiz on "Marble Washington," the area of marble-sheathed government buildings and museums.

Research and comparison as independent work:
comparing the world-wide impact of NYC vs. Wash, DC.


Bayou, from the Choctaw language, means a slow-moving stream. Why do Louisiana's streams mostly flow so slowly? Answer with elevation and topography in mind.

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