Thursday, November 17, 2005

The holidays: iBooks, flash drives, trips to Dallas, Houston and DC

My Mac
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My holiday wish list for students and their parents & grandparents:

* stocking stuffers: flash drive(s). My students have enormous trouble with diskettes. Flash drives are useful in almost every class.
* the big one: a laptop. I'm encouraging my students to bring their laptops to school and to use them during geography class. It's a pricey item but worth every penny, I believe. Go halves on the cost?
* fun for everyone: trips to Dallas, Houston, or DC.

Independent work, whether essay or powerpoint ...
* Exploring the West Wing of the White House. 3 sources.
* Research and compare Wash, DC, to the Forbidden City and Beijing, the Eastern center of power. Or compare DC to Rome, city of marble monuments and temples.
* Mapping the Goblet of Fire. What Irish and English locations inspired the world's most successful author, JK Rowling?
* Use the animation matrix at to make a light-hearted report.

* tete a tete: person-to-person; literally, head to head. From the French.

Happy holidays!

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