Monday, November 14, 2005

Washington, DC, and historic Virginia

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Students are prepping themselves to sketch a map of "Marble Wasington."
* Potomac R.
* national mall
* Washington Monument obelisk
* Smithsonian Institution: National Air & Space Museum
* Lincoln Memorial
* US Capitol
* Supreme Court
* Library of Congress
* Kennedy center
* Georgetown
* White House (1600 Penn. Ave)

Also, a sketch of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC. Along with Chesapeake Bay and Delaware bay.

Virginia's importance in history and tourism-

* Jamestown, first European settlement / Capt John Smith & Pocahontas.
* Colonial Williamsburg, a living museum / 18th century city.
* Appalachian Mts. / Appalachian Trail.
* Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson (see it on a nickel).
* Manassas (Bull Run), site of early major battle in the US Civil War (1861-1865).
* Appomattox Courthouse, site of surrender betweeen Gen. Lee and Gen. Grant, US Civil War.

* Pall mall: 17th century game similar to croquet, with mallet and ball and hoop. Played on an alley called the mall.
* Annapolis, Md, home of the US Naval Academy.
* bayou: Choctaw word.
* totpography and elevation explain why La's streams are all slow-moving: there are no mountains to push the water.

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