Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wailing Wall: Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem

Wailing Wall
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Israeli Jew:
Zionism, the movement to secure the Jewish home land. Jews returned to Palestine from across the world, purchased the land from Arabs and created a nation that is a haven for Jews: Israel. Est. 1947.
Palestinian Arabs:
Believe the Jews unfairly pushed them off their ancient lands. They demand an equitable sharing of the land or, in the case of extremists, want the Jews to be pushed into the sea and the land of Palestine returned to Arab control.

Both sides have their radical, violent groups as well as moderates.

Israel: democratic government.
Arab nations: dictatorships, theocracies (run by the religious leaders) and monarchies (Saudi Arabia).

Mesa in the desert near the Dead Sea where in 70 AD the Jewish army laid seige to a group of Jewish warriors. Rather than capitulate to Roman slavery, torture and death, the zealous Jews decided to commit mass suicide. 400 died.

Sketch of the Mediterranean, the principal reason for the wealth and vigor of Israel and its neighbors. * Symbols: olives, olive oil, lemons, basil & thyme.

Viva el Dia de Los Muertos.
The calacas in the ofrendas says "Mucha comida!" (Much food!)
* On the atlas indentify Acapulco, Mexico City, Cancun and Isla Cozumel.

Speaking of mass suicides . . .
The cult led by Rev. Jim Jones in San Francisco in 1978 was called the People's Temple. The charismatic leader exploited hundreds of vulnerable people as he adopted the style of a Christian minister. When complaints about his abuses of cult members rose, he bought a commune in Guyana, South America. When the authorities from California came to inspect the Guyana operation, Jones went off the deep end. He called for a mass suicide. Some 914 people died from the cyanide-laced drink he encouraged them to consume.

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