Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Basmati rice and jamun: gifts from Dr. Moona Prasad-Tanga to 2nd hour class

Red Turban Buffet 5
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Basmati rice and the fried cakes called jamun were the taste treats brought to 2nd hour by Dr. Moona Prasad-Tanga, CMHS parent. "This basmati was flavored with cumin, bay leaf, onion and ghee - which is clarified butter," said Dr. Tanga.

She is from the city of Bangalore, today famed as a high-tech city of the south of India (Microsoft and Dell are employers in Bangalore). But she was raised in Pennsylvania and New Jersey from the age of one, when her father migrated in search of a better life. Her marriage of 18 years took place in Bangalore and was "sort-of arranged by a matchmaker," she explained. Her son in CMHS first-year Suparsh Tanga.

We appreciate her gifts of food and time for enriching cultural studies at CMHS.

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