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Sadhu in Assam state, India / also, a practice quiz

Assam 2
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India, Hinduism, Taj Mahal & Gandhi Review

1. The three principal gods of Hinduism are Brahma, __ and __.
2. USAF bombing flights directed at Iraq and Afghanistan are mostly launched from __ __.
3. Gandhi's life was lived on 3 continents: Asia, __ and __.
4. The Taj Mahal (TM) was built about the year __ by the __ Jahan, Mughal emperor of Northern India.
5. It was built of white __ (stone) for Mumtaz Mahal, his principal __.
6. A building that is a tomb is called a __.
7. The designers of the Taj were from the nations of __ and __.
8. There are three items of the Taj Mahal complex that identify the Shah's culture as islamic: the mosque, the towers called __ and the decorative designs on the walls, called __.
9. Aside from the decorated caskets of the emperor and his wife the interior of the Taj Mahal is empty. T / F
10. In the final chapter of his life the Shah's son made sure his father was __.
11. In their devotion to famil, interest in planning and architecture, and the extent of their power we can say that Shah Jahan and Gandhi were alike.
T / F
12. Gandhi and Shah Jahan lived about __ years apart. a) 300 b) 500
c) 600 d) 800.
13. Hindus believe that man is contained in a nearly endless series of a) rebirths b) conflicts c) religions d) yoga's called samsara.
14. Hinduism teaches that the soul never dies. The continuous process of the soul's rebirth is called ___.
15. The highest of the castes is the brahmin. T / F
16. Hindus believe that the bad actions of your life - or of your past lives - may hamper you in this life. This is the law of __.
17. ___ is your social, job-oriented placement in life.
18. Doing the work that Indian society sees as unclean is the responsibility of the __ caste.
19. The Hindu word for teacher or wise man is a) guru b) rupee c) Sanskrit d) dharma.
20. The word __ is the eternal word and is written by an Indian character that resembles the numeral 3.
21. Hinduism is probably the world's oldest living religion, according to World Book. T / F
22. Hinduism is practiced by about a) 50 million b) 100 million c) 800 million people.
23. Most Hindu worship takes place a) in the temples b) at home c) under
a Bodhi tree.
24. Gandhi led protests against two of the ways in which the British took unfair profits from the people of India. He struck back at the English sale of __ goods and at their tax and monopoly on __.
25. 4 nations of Central Asia that were controlled by the British during the empire: __, __, __ and __.
26. In the Middle East the English exerted wide control. Two of the nations they controlled were __ and __.
27. Two British properties in the Far East: __ and __.
28. Two of the British colonial properties in the Caribbean: __ and __.
29. The elephant-headed god of the Hindus: __.
30. Two religions of India with small numbers of adherents: __ and __.

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