Monday, February 13, 2006

CMHS parent Charles Chaniyara from Lakhtar, India, near Porbandar, Arabian Sea

Charles Chniyara, father of my outstanding student, Anuj, came to 1st hour class to discuss life in India and share home-made potato vadas, gota and vegetarian samosas. We dipped them in a red or green chutney and they were delicious. Thank you, Mrs. Chaniyara!

Don't forget the importance of an outing to eat at Utsav or India's Cuisine.

Gandhi vocab -
* repudiate
* "India Is British."
* "100,000 Englishmen vs. 350,000 Indians."
* peaceful non-cooperation
* homespun
* martial law
* sedition
* "An eye for an eye will just make the whole world blind."
* censorship
* advocate

Notebook project map of Gandhi's life in 3 continents, 3 nations:
- Porbandar, London, Pretoria, Mumbai, Kolkata

Independent work
Timeline of Afghanistan's Last 15 Years -
* USSR invasion
* mujahadin
* Osama
* Taliban
* al qaeda
* 9-11-01
* US invasion
* rebuilding

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