Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Namaste! Hinduism and other Indian background

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From Pakistan to Sri Lanka: India map quiz Th / sketch by hand.

* Bollywood
* Mother Teresa / Kolkata
* Arthur C. Clarke, sci-fi writer, resisdent of Sri Lanka

* jewelry and style of India: nose rings, toe rings, anklets, midriff, turbans, sari, sandals.
* bindi / forehead dot
* chakras / centers of bodily energy
* Vedas / world's oldest books / holy Hindu texts.
* curry / mixture of peppers and spices.
* sadhu, yogi, fakir: names for holy men
* sword-swallowing, sitting on a bed of nails / ancient India.

Brahma: greatest god; force of the universe.
Lord Ganesh: popular if minor god.

Indian cooking:
India's Cuisine, Youree
Utsav, Bert Kouns at Fern

Monsoon Wedding
Bombay Salaam

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