Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Historic Torino (Turin): comparing Italy to India (and the US)

Holga - Turin
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Wealth and literacy and health will be examined via as we move from a study of the subcontinent of India to the relatively tiny nation of Italy.

The design and manufacturing resources of Italy are symbolized by companies such as
and more.

We will see places and regions that are comparable, despite the Asian-European contrasts.

Independent work -
Research and compare Gandhi and the late Pope John Paul or Mother Theresa.

Feb 22
1. How many times smaller is Italy than India? Graph their a) population b) area.
2. List 3 ways in which Italy and India are alike in terrain.
3. Create graphs that coompare 3 cities' populations of India and of Italy.
4. Three-nation Per Capita Income graph.
5. "" " literacy graph.
6. " " " life expectancy graph.
7. Map the trading partners of India and Italy. See map, pp. 2 - 3. Identify nations. Connect by dotted lines.
8. Write 5 mult choice questions that compare Italy and India.
9. Compose a brief comparison paragraph using 3 demographic items.
(10 pts.)

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