Monday, February 27, 2006

The Po River valley, the richest region of Italy

Navigli - Second edition
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The Po River traverses Northern Italy and the farms that arose along this valley created the wealth that led to Italy's early success among the nations of Western Europe.

Fertile land, wealthy farmers, high education, skilled work; the value of the lands around the Po are connected to achievements in banking, architecture and technology. The powerful cities of Milano (see illustration) and Venice are adjacent to the Po.

This week we will examine the relationship of the people and the terrain of L'Italia.

Milan has a notable business center called the Galleria. It is the elegant original downtown shopping center. Built in the 1800's. it is the model for the Gallerias of Houston and Dallas and elsewhere.

Venice has a connection to Louisiana: Carnevale. The masks and balls of Venice represent one of the world's oldest celebrations of what we call Mardi Gras.

Tues: open notes test on Italy from its profile, the atlas and textbook.

The 9 weeks ends on March 11.

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