Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yamuna River, the mosque and walls surrounding the Taj Mahal

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Taj Project:
1) Tint and affix the 2-leaf taj mahal sketch in your notebook.
2) Annotate the project; ie, surround it with notes.
3) On another page, write 5 multiple-choice questions.
4) Make a presentation to a classmate, sibling or parent and record their answers.
10 pts. Due Friday.
Notes -
* Shah Jahan, a Mughal Emperor, constructed the Taj mahal as a mausoleum and monument to his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
* 1654
* Designers and crafstmen came from Persia, Italy, Egypt, China, Ceylon and India.
* Inlaid with jade, amber, rubies, onyx, lapis and agate.
* Decorated with Arabic script.
* the 42-acre walled complex includes the Taj, minarets, a mosque, rest house, gardens, and gatehouse.
* The Shah's son took over the kingdom and imprisoned his father. he accused the father of misusing the kingdom's resources.
* The Shah's plan was to build a mirror image black-stone mausoleum across the Yamuna R. as his resting place. He was buried in the Taj alongside his wife, Mumtaz.

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