Friday, February 03, 2006

Cooking of Goa, India, comes to Magnet via Parent Yeona D'Acosta-Auld

Chicken curry with coconut is typical of the south of India, students learned from CMHS parent Yeona D'Acosta-Auld. She also served the class nan and rice; students found it quite palatable.

More notes on Goa, a Portuguese colony - until 1961 - on the Arabian Sea coast.
* St Francis Xavier
* kutha
* monsoon
* pickled fish & meat
* cashews
* difs in the cuisine of south and north of India.

From my student Anuj Chaniyara, a native of Gujurati province:
Hello in Gujurati language: kem chho!

Class work:
5 colorful graphs comparing the demographics of India and the US (5 pts.).

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