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30 multiple choice questions: Middle East Test 1

Sunset, Qatar
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1. Find a Persian Gulf nation that is a peninsula: a) Yemen b) Oman c) Bahrain d) Qatar.
2. This city of the Black Sea was called Byzantium and Constantinople. Today it is a) Athens b) Beirut c) Cairo
d) Istanbul.
3. The capital of Iran is a) Istanbul b) Baghdad c) Tehran
d) Mecca.
4. Shreveport and Baghdad both lie upon latitude 32 degrees. Is that a) north or b) south of the equator?
5. Which terrorist group was directly responsible for the 9-11-01 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon? a) al Qaeda
b) Taliban c) Iraquis under Saddam Hussein.
6. City known as a French-influenced liberal Muslim tourist center on the Mediterranean:
a) Cairo b) Beirut c) Jerusalem d) Damascus
7. Name the small Egyptian municipality with an enormous and ancient tourist attraction. a) Cairo b) Alexandria c) Jerusalem d) Giza.
8. Minarets are towers that are built alongside a mosque and from which Muslims are called to prayer. The person who chants the prayer is called . . . a) Jihad b) minbar c) Muslim d) muezzin.
9. The terrorists of 9/11/01 were mostly from Egypt and mostly ill-educated family men. T / F
10. Location of the World Trade Center: a) Upper Brooklyn c) Lower Queens d) Upper Bronx d) Lower Manhattan.
11. The rebaba is a Middle eastern instrument of this type: a) drum b) tambourine c) fiddle d) lute.
12. Steve Irwin resided near a) Sydney b) Brisbane
c) Perth d) Cairns
13. Irwin’s death occurred in the a) Indian Ocean b) Pacific
c) Atlantic.
14. Nickname for Australians: a) Kiwis b) Ulurus
c) Digeridoos d) Ozzies.
15. Great Barrier Reef is made of: a) coral b) algae
c) seaweeds d) volcanic rock.
16. The most authentic of digeridoo players: a) diggers
b) Aussies c) aborigines d) Outbackers.
17. The loaf-like mountain in the central region of Australia: a) Outback b) Gold Coast c) Uluru d) Blue Mountains.
18. Major city that lies quite close to 30N, 30E: a) Jerusalem b) Cairo c) Beirut d) Istanbul.
19. Saudi Arabia, principally a vast desert, has no major bodies of water and one range of Western mountains.
T / F
20. Based on terrain, name the nation that will have the most rainfall: a) Oman b) UAE c) Kuwait d) Yemen.
21. The root word for the name Australia refers to a direction, which is a) north b) east c) west d) south.
The following questions will be answered by choosing:
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Hinduism.
22. The Western wall in Jerusalem, or “wailing wall,” is part of the ancient temple which was sacred to the __.
23. Developed some 600 years after the time of Christ: __.
24. Daily prayer, charity, belief in one god, fasting during Ramadan, the hajj: __.
25. The Bible contains a direct link to the religion called ___ , which preceded Christianity.
26. Origin of this religion is around 1000 BC: __.
27. The Torah is a holy book in __.
28. Belief in a single, all-powerful god: a) Islam b) Christianity c) Judaism d) monotheism.
29. A mosque’s tower is called: a) muezzin b) torah
c) Arabesque d) minaret.
30. Rank these nations in oil reserves based on the p. 432 symbols in World Geography (Prentice Hall):
a) Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran b) Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE
c) Iran, Kuwait, Oman d) Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait.

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