Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Digital presentations on the nations of the Middle East, or Southwest Asia

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Southwest Asian nations and related topics:
1. Saudi Arabia
2. Yemen
3. Oman
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Qatar
6. Bahrain
7. Kuwait
8. Iran / Persia
9. Iraq
10. Syria
11. Lebanon
12. Jordan
13. Israel / Palestine
Related nations:
14. Turkey
15. Egypt
16. Afghanistan
17. Pakistan
(2 students per nation)

Library research time.
1) Document each location visited. A "document" is an official record. To document means to write down your sources.
2) Use at least one non-web source, such as an encyclopedia or almanac. Such sources often out-perform the relatively slow work stations in our library.
3) Library time is academically sacred. Off task behavior -viewing non-academic sites or chatting (aside from brief and sotto voce communication) is forbidden under pain of banishment from the digital terminal.


Report format:

Create on either full sheets of paper or on digital pages -

a. Snappy title / explanatory subtitle.
b. relevant illustrations - photos - in the background (or on the side) of each page.
c. a colorful map with an explanatory note.
d. 3 brief phrases of academic material (ex., "Kuwait: largest oil reserves per capita") on each page.
e. sources at the bottom of Each page - in smaller type.
f. a script from which you will read as the display pages are being shown.

Digital or paper Pages (minimum of 6 pages; all students must have title and comparison pages):

1) Title / subtitle.
2) Map of the region with explanatory item(s).
3) Demographics: population, ethnicity, languages.
4) Economy: GDP, PCI (per capita income), resources (minerals, agriculture).
5) History: ancient empires, heroes, colonial rulers.
6) Culture: religion(s), foods, celebrations.
7) Tourism: landmarks to visit.

Due to be presented Tuesday, Sept 12, in alpha order. 15 pts.

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