Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week of Sept 18: MidEast nations projects, test Thur, Islam, petroleum

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Mon & Tues
Continuation of a review of the states of SW Asia via powerpoint shows (15 pts).

Checking your Cradles of Civilization / Major Rivers project (10 pts)

Hand-sketched map quiz: Eastern Mediterranean nations and cities (Mr. T's top Twelve) -

Turkey, Istanbul
Syria, Damascus
Lebanon, Beirut
Israel, Jerusalem
Egypt, Cairo
Med it e RR an e a n
Red Sea

Islam: 5 pillars & the mosque

Open notes, mult-choice test that uses material that begins with the death of Steve Irwin - to MidEast nations.
Please go to A R C H I V E S on this blog to reach the earlier posts.

Petroleum! More later.

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