Monday, September 25, 2006

Camels to ultra-modern hotels: the Arabian peninsula / map quiz Tues, Sept 26

Originally uploaded by ReeHan.

Week of Sept 25
Tues: hand sketched map of Arabia and neighbors

Sketch borders & place 12 items in correct locations. Symbols are in parentheses as study aid.

1.Saudi Arabia (desert sands)
2. Mecca (Great Mosque of Mecca)
3. Medina (the Prophet’s Mosque)
4. Yemen (oasis / date palm)
5. Oman (Bedouin on camel)
6. United Arab Emirates (Emir, or prince; also, modern hotel)
7. Qatar (oil-rich sheik)
8. Kuwait (oil well derrick)
9. Iraq (army general resembles Saddam Hussein)
10. Jordan (Queen Rainia, well-spoken, fashionable woman seen on recent Ch One interview)
11. Red Sea (scuba & snorkeling in the clear water)
12. Arabian Sea (historic ship, a dhow, symbolic of trading between India, Arabia & Africa)
13. Persian Gulf (super tanker helping transport one third of the world’s oil supply out from the gulf) .

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