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Requiescat in pace: Steve Irwin

sting ray
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Review Katrina/Nouvelle Orleans
Lesson on coastal erosion from LEERIC
Australia & Steve Irwin

Requiescat in pace: Steve Irwin
Brisbane, Australia
Cairns, Queeensland,
Great Barrier Reef, Pacific

Australia: Latin, “south”
Oz: nickname for Land Down Under

1. Steve Irwin resided near a) Sydney b) Brisbane
c) Perth d) Cairns.
2. Irwin’s death was caused by a collison with a single
a) crocodile b) sting ray c) sea snake d) platypus.
3. Nickname for Australia: a) Aussieland b) Uluru
c) Digeridoo d) Oz.
4. Great Barrier Reef composition: a) algae b) coral
c) seaweeds d) rock.
5. The most authentic of digeridoo players: a) diggers
b) Aussies c) aborigines d) Outbackers.
6. The arid central/western region of Australia: a) Outback b) Gold Coast c) Uluru d) Blue Mountains.

Map of Australia, for centuries a British colony:

circular breathing
Outback Restaurants / Crocodile Dundee

Terrain of Australia: where is the preponderance of the population? Why is it relatively confined?

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