Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dusk in the Persian Gulf; time for 20 questions

Dusk in the Persian Gulf
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Practice quiz -
1. Tiny nation at the head of the Persian Gulf.
2. Island nation of the Persian Gulf.
3. Peninsular nation in the Persian Gulf.
4. Nation on the Arabian side of the Strait of Hormuz.
5. Nation on the Persian side of the Strait of Hormuz.
6. Largest peninsula in SW Asia.
7. Sea that lies between Arabia and India.
8. Gulf nation that is a composite of several kingdoms.
9. Arabian nation at the mouth of the Red Sea, at the Bab al Mandeb.
10. Sea that separates Africa from Arabia.
11. Nation that lies at the head of the Red Sea.
12. Sea that is north of the Red Sea.
13. The only consecutively doubled letter in the name Mediterranean.
14. The nature of my epigram, "Israel is not real."
15. Nation surrounded by Syria and Israel.
16. In Biblical times the men of the Tigris and Euphrates valley might have sailed to India. T / F
For an answer, ask the late explorer Thor Heyerdahl.
17. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman can be properly called tropical nations. T / F
18. Which is far more mountainous, Iraq or Iran?
19. T / F Roger Federer, one of the world's great tennis players and a Swiss citizen, spends much of his life in Dubai (Dubayy), the UAE.
20. The term Persian Gulf is an ethnocentric term. T / F

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