Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fumatori di Shishà / smoking the water pipe, or shisha

Fumatori di Shishà
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Traditional relaxation for adults of the Middle East, or Southwest Asia, is a cup of chai (tea) and a smoke on the shisha. The pipe, aka the hookah, is an ancient instrument which passes the smoke through water and long air chambers before it arrives at your mouth, throat and lungs.

Smoking a shisha is often done with friends amidst convival conversation. It is often smoked after a meal, especially at a restaurant.

The custom of smoking the shisha in a tea shop or coffee bar is one that is becoming popular near US college campuses.

Additional vocabulary -

affluence - wealth
benevolent - fair and generous
economic engine - something that makes jobs and wealth, such as a center of education.
petrolia - a coined term meaning region of oil.
date palm - the date is a fruit indigenous to the Mid East.
star and crescent moon - symbol of Islam
star of David - symbol of Judaism
Marco Polo - European explorer who used the Silk Road to make his way to China and back to Italy.

Local institutions that could become stronger as economic engines -

La Tech (Spt campus)
Centenary College
Bossier parish Community College (BPCC)
Northwestern State Univ (School of Nursing, Spt campus)
Southern Univ Shreveport

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