Monday, September 10, 2007

Week of Sept 10: PhotoStory/MidEast projects due Tuesday, field trip to Meadows Museum of Art on Friday

Week of Sept 10 - 14:

Mon. -
Last day of work in the library. Complete recording of scripts in PhotoStory/MidEast project.

Tues. -
Presentation of brief PhotoStory projects.
Total: 25 pts.
late penalty: 3 pts per day.

Standards -
- Typed script.
- Clarity and audibility of speech.
- Grammar and construction in proper English.
- Brevity of script.
- Appropriateness of images, in both number (approx 25) and quality (adequate resolution).
- General adherence to guide sheet.

- additional presentations.

- 5 Pillars of Islam project.

- Open notes quiz on Islam (World Book).

- Field trip to Meadows Museum of Art, Centenary College.
- The principal reason to visit Meadows is to show students how to use the museum as an educational resource.
- We will see photos and art from New Orleans and the Katrina experience. It relates to our first unit on the Miss R, coastal erosion and storms.
- We will also see a variety of of fine art: portraits, paintings of Vietnam and Indochina, paintings by famed Louisiana artist Clyde Connell and others.

Parents may meet us at Meadows (869-5169) and enjoy the experience. I will send home a permission form on Tues.


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