Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Essay of description on Meadows Museum of Art, Shreveport

a) Snaffy title (like "City of Hope")
b) Explanatory subtitle (Like "photos of post-Katrian destruction in New Orleans").

use one of these techniques -

a) Description ("A boat on as roof of a house in New Orleans . . . )

b) Quote ("You'll see that the flood waters enabled this barge to land atop this school bus during the Katrina flood," said Meadows Museum education director Leia Lewis.)

c) Question: (How did this photographer get a snap of a ski-boat on the roof of a New Orleans house? )

Exhibits at Meadows Museum of Art during the field trip:
a) City of Hope photos
b) John T Scott sculpture and block prints
c) Contemporary portraits by Meg Harders and Reem Bassous.
d) Historic portaits of SE Asia by Jean Despujols.
e) Art by Louisiana artists such as Clyde Connell.

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