Sunday, September 16, 2007

Salaam: Week of Sept 17 - 21

Minarets at sunset
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"Salaam aleikum!" is the Arabic greeting heard throughout the Muslim lands. It means "Peace be with you." Your response is "Aleikum salaam," or, "And peace be with you."

Review of Ramadan and the 5 Pillars of Islam.

Guidance on the reading comprehension issues and answers to quizzes 2 and 3.

Map of SW Asia. We will practice sketching the map 3 days and have a quiz on Thursday.

1. Saudi Arabia
2. Yemen
3. Red Sea
4. Egypt
5. Mediterranean
6. Oman
7. Persian Gulf
8. Arabian Sea
9. Iran
10. Iraq
11. Kuwait
12. Bahrain
13. Qatar
14. Mecca
15. Cairo

Review of Meadows Museum of Art field trip. Btw, student behavior in the museum was excellent.

Additional background on the museum, especially the odyssey of painter Jean Despujols.

Essay of description - Meadows Museum as a resource center. Teacher guidance.


To be shown this week in short segments between activities. Video from the LPB Cyberchannel:
Religions of the World: Islam.

Hand-sketched map of SW Asia.
Spelling counts.
20 pts. total.

Mecca: the Great Mosque.

No penalty, but remaining Photostory / Mid East projects must be presented to the class this week. It's OK if the project is not perfect. It must show growth in using technology, as in recording a soundtrack as well as having visuals.

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