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Islam quiz 1

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Islam quiz 1
Write the best answer on an answer sheet, following the usual name-in-upper-right format. Write both the letter and phrase of the answer. Bring it to me when you're done!

1. On a timeline, would you choose to place Christianity or Islam in the earlier spot? a) Christianity b) Islam
2. To Christians there is a familiar name in the origins of Islam: a) Gabriel b) Mecca c) Allah d) Medina.
3. The word Islam means a) a person who follows the teachings of Muhammad b) in effect, God c) surrender or submission d) the holy book.
4. There are many Muslims across the world in this era. Their population is estimated at a) over 1 billion b) over 2 billion c) larger than that of Christianity d) smaller than that of Christianity.
5. Mecca is a city in a) Yemen b) Saudi Arabia c) Iraq
d) it is its own nation.
6. Indonesia, India, Pakistan: a) more Muslims live in these nations than in the Middle east b) fewer Muslims live in this region than in the Middle East.
7. The first prophet of Islam: a) Moses b) Abraham
c) Jesus of Nazareth d) Adam.
8. The symbol of Islam: a) Yin / yang b) Star of Muhammad c) Sword and Arabic script d) crescent and star.
9. In several ways Islam is deeply connected to Christianity. T / F
10. The teachings of the Qur’ an are the product of
a) revelation b) the New Testament c) discovery in an isolated cave d) ancient Arabic law.

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