Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gandhi: vocab

Gandhi Statue
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- insurgents - rebels
- assimilating - blending in with the dominant culture.
- anarchists - radicals who believe that all government is bad and should be eliminated.
- Viceroy - English title for the governor of a colony such as India.
- monsoon - the rainy season.
- jasmine - garlands of jasmine are worn to symbolize joy; are also sweet smeling.
- namaste' - Hindi greeting
- rebate - money given back to you.
- passive resistance - to show your opposition by Not doing something.
- Mahatma - Great soul.
- indigo - plant which produces a blue fabric dye.
- seditious - advocating the overthrow of the government.

Gandhi's goals . . .
1) Hindu-Muslim unity
2) Ending of the caste system - especially of the unfair treatment of the lowest caste, the untouchables.
3) Defying British authority while they continued to control India.
4) Wearing homespun cloth instead of British textiles.

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