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Lawrence of Arabia Quiz / with answers

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Lawrence of Arabia quiz / Trudeau

1. The dates of WWI were 1914 - 1918. The US entered the war one year after the fighting in Europe had begun. The US began fighting in 1915. T / F
2. Lawrence grew up in the English county of a) Derbyshire b) Worcestershire c) Yorkshire d) Oxfordshire.
3. In the WWI era in Arabia the Middle Eastern conflict was between the nomadic, tribal ___ peoples and the Turks, rulers of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. a) Bedouin b) Muslim c) Persian d) Egyptian.
4. The Arabic word for a canyon, usually a dry, rocky area between mesas, is “___.” a) Guinea b) Ponzi c) Wadi d) Wog.
5. Salaam aleikum translates from Arabic into English as a) "Peace be with you” b) “If God wills it so.” c) “God is great; God is good.” d) the holy Qu’ran.
6. Monte Carlo is the capital city of the nation of a) Monticello b) Monaco c) Andorra d) Leichtenstein.
7. “Recite, then, as much as may be easy for you and seek ye the forgiveness of God. Verily, God is forgiving, merciful ...” These are the opening words of the a) Bible
b) Quran c) Baghavad Gita d) Aqaba.
8. The capital of Syria: a) Mecca b) Damascus c) Jerusalem .
9. The Islamic golden age lasted from about a) 750 to 1050 AD b) 1050 to 1500 AD c) 1500 to 1650 AD.
10. The first outside force to travel to West Africa in order to trade for gold, ivory and slaves: a) Europeans b) Arabs c) Hindus d) Swahilis.
11. The date palm is the principal tree in a desert ___. a) aquifer b) oasis c) wadi d) well.
12. British gold coin: a) Shilling b) Guinea c) Shekel d) Riyal.
13. A concord between major nations that establishes guidelines for treatment of prisoners and for ethical warfare was agreed to at a) Versailles b) Paris c) Geneva
d) London.

From Wikipedia’s biography of TE Lawrence:
Lawrence continued making trips to the Middle East as a field archaeologist until the outbreak of World War I. In January 1914, Woolley and Lawrence were co-opted by the British military as an archaeological smokescreen for a British military survey of the Negev Desert. They were funded by the Palestine Exploration Fund to search for an area referred to in the Bible as the "Wilderness of Zin"; along the way, they undertook an archaeological survey of the Negev Desert. The Negev was of strategic importance, as it would have to be crossed by any Ottoman army attacking Egypt in the event of war. Woolley and Lawrence subsequently published a report of the expedition's archaeological findings,[9] but a more important result was an updated mapping of the area, with special attention to features of military relevance such as water sources. Lawrence also visited Aqaba and Petra.

14. It seems that Lawrence indirectly worked for the British army prior to officially joining the British army. T / F
15. The Negev desert was part of Palestine in 1914. Today the nation of Palestine is called a) Israel b) Aqaba c) Petra d) Egypt.
16. The desert feature of greatest importance to the British in regards the Negev was its a) archaeology b) Ottomans c) water sources d) updated mapping.

1. false
2. d
3. a
4. c
5. a
6. b
7. b
8. b
9. a
10. b
11. b
12. b
13. c
14. t
15. a
16. c

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