Monday, February 02, 2009

Ten points bonus per shovel: Cmhs planting by Class of 2012 on Fri, Feb 6, during social studies classes

Crepe myrtles purchased with Class of 2012 funds will be donated to the Cmhs campus and planted by students in social studies classes on Fri, Feb 6, says class sponsor Robert Trudeau.

Shovels brought from home - on a one-day loan - offer the key to completing the project, says Trudeau. "My students can earn 10 pts indie work credit for bringing a shovel to school for the project. We will label the shovel and after the planting it is Extremely important that each student Bring the Shovel Back to the House."

Cmhs parents Barbara Meyers, Linda Kinnebrew and Renee Young have managed the project. Planting will be done on the north and south sides of E wing.

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