Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spatial changes: a Gandhi map that crosses 3 continents

Because of the British Empire - see Union Jack here - Gandhi saw much travel in the beginning of his life.

For 3 pts make a map that shows his residence in
a) Porbandar, India
b) London, England
c) Pretoria, South Africa

- 3 seas
- 3 continents
- title
- rim of color

Notes -
a) symbol of Islam
b) symbol of Hinduism

British Empire was a globe-circling series of possessions.
- the Brits took control of weaker nations so they could make profit of these nations' natural resources, their labor and their markets.
- Brit possessions were on every continent: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, East Asia, South America, North America and Central / Caribbean America.

"Home Rule" was the Indian term for independence from British control.

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