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Jerusalem & Israel quiz

View from Masada
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J e r u s a l e m & I s r a e l / Trudeau
1. The region that we’re studying has a great rift - a crack in the earth’s crust. What would be the geographical evidence of this rift valley? a) Mediterranean coastline
b) border between Israel & Egypt c) River Jordan d) border between Israel & Lebanon.
2. Jerusalem and Natchitoches, La, have something in common. a) meat pies b) longitude c) latitude d) climate.
3. Jerusalem is, contrary to popular belief, not one of the oldest cities in the world. T / F
4. Jerusalem is considered the third-holiest city of the
a) Muslims b) Jews c) Christians d) Buddhists.
5. The status of ___ remains one of the core issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. a) the Dead Sea b) the Mediterranean c) Jordan d) Jerusalem.
6. The Roman emperor Constantine was associated with
a) Israel b) Dome of the Rock mosque c) ancient Jewish Temple d) Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
7. One of these Biblical municipalities is north of the disputed West Bank region. a) Nazareth b) Bethlehem c) Jericho d) Gaza.
8. Palestinians are like Israelis in their connection to
a) Abraham b) King David c) Muhammed the prophet d) Hebrew.
9. Jews who are passionate about having Israel as their homeland may be called a) Zionists b) Palestinians c) Arabs d) Muslims.
10. Born as a modern nation some 60 years ago: a) Israel
b) Palestine c) Jerusalem d) Lebanon.
11. The Jewish diaspora - mostly to Europe - took place because of harsh treatment of the Jews by the a) Egyptians b) Italians c) Romans d) Syrians.
12. The structure built at the terminus (end) of the Via Dolorosa: a) Dome of the Rock b) Temple Mount c) Church of the Holy Sepulchre d) Western Wall.
13. Built at the site of Muhammed’s ascension to heaven and the site of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son: a) Dome of the Rock b) Temple Mount c) Church of the Holy Sepulchre d) Western Wall.
14. Both Judaism and Islam look to __ as their founder.  a) Isaac  b) Ishmael c) Moses  d) Abraham.
15. The population density of Louisiana as compared to Israel: it is much  a) higher b) lower  c) the same.
16. The lower half of Israel is composed largely of a) desert  b) numerous ancient towns c) resort developments d) oases and irrigation systems.

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