Monday, February 16, 2009

Kibbe, felafel, dolmas, tzatziki, hummus, etc at Mona's cafe, Shreveport

Top geography student John Moufarrej wrote this review / comparison essay as indie work. Enjoy:

Mona's Cafe and Al Basha are both Mediterranean restaurants. Al Basha in English means The Man. Both of these restaurants have foods from different cultures including Lebanese and Greek.

Al Basha is just a restaurant while Mona's is a restaurant and has a little store in the back. Some foods from both of these restaurants include hummus, shish kabob, rolled grape leaves, falafel (which is one of my favorite dishes), and lamb kabob.

One interesting drink that is at both of these restaurants is Lebanese Iced Tea. In this drink there is orange blossom water and pine nuts.

The little market in the back of Mona's Cafe is great supplier of a lot of the foods used in my family including olives, olive oil, arabic bread, special cheese, and chick peas (garbanzo beans). Some of the desserts at these restaurants include baklava and mammoul cookies.

In conclusion, Mona's Cafe and Al Basha are both great restaurants that my family goes to, to enjoy a wonderful meal.

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