Wednesday, March 25, 2009

China project 2: A comparison between Qin Shi Huang Di and Confucius

In preparation for writing skits that will bring these 2 famous men to life in the classroom, I ask you to read their bios and assemble the following bulleted, edited, illustrated comparison (please place in Google Doc):
1. Title slide - A meeting of great minds: Confucius the Wise lunches with Qin Shi Huang the Autocrat
2. image - terracotta army - achievements of Qin and Master Kung.
3. image - Chinese farmer - more achievements of Qin & Kong.
4. image - a map of historic China (Cathay or The Middle Kingdom). More Qin & Kong.
similarities between their philosophies.
5. image- Chinese landscape - differences in the programs espoused by Qin & Kong.
6. image - statue of Master Kung - documentation.
5 pts.

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