Friday, March 27, 2009

The Middle Kingdom: notes

The Middle Kingdom
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Qin Shihuang di said to his Minister of Defense today: "Master Kong's writings are antithetical to my dogma. What might we do about that?"

The Minister therefore issued an invitation to Confucius to trek to Xi'an to meet with the Emperor. The powerful men's explanations of their philosophies of ruling led them to an inescapable conclusion: one of them must die.

That is the premise of our skits.

The map of
* Cathay
* the Middle Kingdom
* Empire of Qin
* aka China . . .

1. Beijing (Peking)
2. Xi'an (Chang'an)
3. Shanghai
4. Guangzhou (canton)
5. Hong Kong
6. Yellow River (Huang)
7. Yangtze River (Chang)
8. Mongolia
9. Russia
10. India

Vocab -
- Pekingese
- Japanese Chin
- dog breeds originating in China
- Peking Duck
- Hoisin sauce
- wok
- Mandarin Chinese language ("Ni hau!")
- Cantonese " "

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