Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Please plan ahead: GEE & ILEAP high-tension testing on April 1 - 3, which is a Wed, Th, Fri

Magnet wants the best for you in testing for the ILEAP, which will occur Wed - Fri, April 1 - 3.

A good night's sleep - not an easy assignment for many - is the best prep.

Cmhs 9th grade students generally score well in every area. The one area of difficulty for our less-well-prepared students is math, says Mrs. Fortenberry, counselor.

A problem that looms in the 2009 testing is the student cell phone. Because the cell could be used to take a photo of test materials, we have a difficult assignment. We are aware that many students live and breathe easier because their cell is in their pocket.

We're proud of meeting the highest security standards in testing and are working on guidelines for cells.

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