Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two great rivers: the Ganges and the Indus

The Ganges (also Ganga) is the 1,560 mi river that rises in the western Himalayas and drains into the delta in the Bay of Bengal, says Wikipedia.

It has long been considered a holy river by Hindus and worshiped as the goddess Ganga in Hinduism.

The Ganges and its tributaries drain a fertile basin that supports one of the world's highest density of humans. The average depth of river is 52 feet (16 m) and maximum depth is 100 feet (30 m).

The Indus is the longest river in Pakistan and the twenty-first largest river in the world. It is often considered the life-line of Pakistan by the people of that country.

The Europeans used the name "India" for the entire Indian Subcontinent based on Indos, the Greek appellation of this river.

Originating in the Tibetan plateau, the river runs a course through Jammu and Kashmir in India and the Northern Areas, flowing in a southerly direction along the entire length of the country, to merge into the Arabian Sea near Pakistan's port city of Karachi.

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