Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gandhi's odyssey

Cmhs: Joseph Yates
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Gandhi's odyssey encompassed the following . . .

- Porbandar, his birthplace
- London, for law school
- South Africa, for 20 years of protest against the British treatment of the Indian workers living in S. Af.
- Mumbai, city of return to India.
- New Delhi, the capital, to meet with his political allies.
- Kolkata, to help the nearby farmers who were being exploited by British landowners.
- Amritsar, where the massacre of un-armed Sikhs by British soldiers drew Gandhi in 1919.
- Porbandor, focus of the 240-mile march that initiated the Salt tax Protest in 1925.
- Kolata, site of the Hindu-Muslim rioting that accompanied the British exit from India in 1947.


- annex - to add territory to your nation or city . . .
- partition - to make a wall or separation between two regions . . .

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