Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Trudeau's Writer's Workshop on Wed after school til 4:15 pm

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Writer's Workshop is designed for students who need to boost their scores and skills. In the 40-minute session I can give a small group of students personal attention and indie points for work done on the premises.

While I like to focus on students' skills of research and composition, I will be happy to go over old tests and offer help in any area of social studies work.

If you would like to take advantage of a Wednesday session (adjusted because of math tutoring after school on Tues), please email me or tell me during class. Every now and then I will have a meeting or parent conference on Wed but basically I am in my classroom nearly every day til 4 pm. So, if you would like to request Mon, Tues or Fri (Thurs I have Picasso Digital Arts Club - and you are welcome to join that), email me: trudeau@earthlink.net.
Or leave a message at Cmhs: 221-2501.

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