Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Damascus, capital of Syria, was the ultimate jewel in the Arab-Turk conflict in WWI

Terminology from Lawrence of Arabia:

- Monte Carlo, Monaco
Casinos (houses), Grand Prix de Monaco, Grace Kelly, $$$
- Sinai peninsula or desert
Joseph, Mary & Jesus trekked the Sinai in their journey to Egypt.
Most communities are in the stone canyons called wadis.
- Geneva Convention
Agreements between nations on treatment of Prisoners of War.
Access given to Intl. Red Cross. Torture limited.
Geneva, Switzerland.
- Damascus, Syria: center of Muslim world in WWI era.
- Caucasus Mts.: in 1800's was thought to be place of origin of
European people. It is in Western Asia, between the Black Sea
and Caspian.

Mercenary: soldier for hire. Ex: Blackwater Corp.
Insh'allah: "God willing."

Independent work:
Research, document and compare the lives of TE Lawrence and
Prince Feisel (Faisal) of Mecca.
Or compare Lawrence and Lowell Thomas, the successful reporter.

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