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Week of Oct 15 - 19: in the An Nafud desert of Saudi Arabia; Lawrenceleads the Arab tribes against the Turks in Aqaba

King Feisal I at Versailles
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Week of Oct 15 - 19

Goal: Understanding the cultural forces and historical impact found in the life of TE Lawrence in the movie Lawrence of Arabia.

In the Crusades - carried out over the 1100's and 1200's - there were some 5 great attacks upon the Muslims of Palestine by Christian, European armies.

Alas, those wars were a somber building block in the relationship between the Western nations and the Middle Eastern nations.

The next huge chapter in the relationship unfolded with the advent of WW I. The British used the Arabs in a fight against the Turks, allies to the Germans.

Quiz on Friday, not the usual Thurs:
a) hand-sketched map quiz, England
b) a brief essay of reflection on the view of the Arabs by the Europeans and vice-versa.

Practice map of British Isles.
Watching of the movie.

Map of Brittania.
Lawrence's education.

Map of the Britons.
Lawrence's writing in Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

Talk by on China by Mrs. Deborah Morehead in Lecture hall.

Quiz. Finish movie.
Intro to London.

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