Monday, October 29, 2007

Notes on Lawrence, England, camels, Lowell Thomas, etc. on the Tues quiz.

"Lawrence: from Oxford to Damascus."

In class on Mon students wrote a brief essay on Lawrence's trek. They will get 5 pts for it tomorrow.
In it they explain his 1915 - 1918 journey by quickly describing his work in 6 locations, which includes Oxford and Damascus. .

Vocab . . .
- frankincense, product of Arabia
- censer, used to purify the altar in numerous religions via sweet-smelling smoke.
- acolyte - altar boy

parochial - "from the parish," or "from the country." Thus narrow-minded, ill-educated.

cosmopolitan - :polis, "citizen" of the cosmos, or "universe."
Thus a person open to new ideas, to education, to change.

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