Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Deborah Morehead's lecture on village life in India

Mrs. Morehead, teacher of G / T 2nd year students in world literature, invited geography students to an illustrated lecture on her missionary trip to India.

Among the things students learned:
- village poverty (a dollar a day wages) and lack of sanitation.
- the struggle and competition for water.
- the oral culture of villagers in India.
- snake bite is a common killer in India.
- elephants and water buffalo share the road with trucks, cars, motorbikes and wagons.
- India is a land of many languages and dialects.
- both the monsoon season and the heat are difficult.
- the sari, shalwar kamiz, kurta, dona puddi and lungi (aka dhoti) are marvelous garments.

Students were fascinated by Mrs Morehead and were unusually attentive and affected by her talk.

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