Friday, October 26, 2007

Social Studies Fair competition at CMHS on Jan 17

All students will write a brief paper using the elements of a social studies research paper. I'll issue more details and a deadline next week. Only students with unusual motivation will make a project for the SS Fair.

The basics:

Question. Any good project begins with a question.
- Should I buy stock in WalMart?
- Is there a workable solution for ameliorating tensions between Muslim and non-Muslim students at my school?

A thoughtful guess as to what should be done is called a hypothesis.
- If I look at the record of Walmart stock and examine the executive team, it should be a good bet.
- A once-a-semester school-wide meeting with presentations by students and Q & A with Muslim students in the PAC might produce results.

- WalMart's future propects will be researched by reading articles in these magazines - Fortune, Economist, Business Week - and these newspapers - Wall St Journal, NY Times. Add interviews with a stockbroker and WalMart store manager.
- A planning committee of students and teachers - non-Muslim as well as Muslim - will design the elements of the program. A paper on the difficulties of Muslim-Americans will be resarched and presented to the committee.

A bibliography; a list of all sources examined in the quest.

- Watch the WalMart stock for a month or more. Make a judgement about the stock's future based on your observations.
- A questionnaire with multiple-choice questions might be used to evaluate any changes perceived by the participants after taking part in the Muslim attitudes conference.

Topics . . .

I will approve all topics and and give guidance as students embark on the project. More details next week.

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