Friday, October 19, 2007

Top honors in math competition at Baton Rouge Magnet High: Insun Chong, Maggie Caruthers, Brittany Ellzey, Alex Mijalis, Michael Dai

First official progress reports are out and most of the first-year students, Class of 2011, are doing well. Alleluiah. As a veteran teacher I must say I think highly of the group (the math competition winners above are upper classmen).

Of course, things will get harder from this point. As the newness wears off and the distractions grow stronger, students' concentration may waver. It will not be easy to equal the first 9 weeks grades at the end of 18 weeks.

My classes wrote well on the essay topic "Describe the attitudes of the British and Arabs towards one another in 1915."
The 10 pt. score was based on
- titling
- vivid opening.
- grammar, spelling and construction.
- logical flow of ideas.
- use of examples (at least 2)
- legibility.

Thank yous were penned to Mrs Deborah Morehead for her terrific talk of this week on life in China.

Forgot to mention it but students were given progress reports on Monday (Tues for 2nd hr) that detailed the work that forms the background for their current score. Students are able to check their average with me before and after each class, as well.

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