Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Life of TE Lawrence: an intro to Wales and England

The life of TE Lawrence, 1888 - 1935, gives us a connection between Europe and Asia.

What to know about the British Isles . . .

- 4 divisions of the UK:
Northern Ireland

- Ireland (Eire, in Gaelic) became independent of the British in 1922 through bloody fighting. Irish revolts had been going on since the 1500's.


A scholar's gown is symbolic of these locations. Oxford and Cambridge are sites of the world's most historic and esteemed universities - reknowned in literature (ex: JRR Tolkein, CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll), but also in math, physics (Stephen Hawking), science (Watson and Crick) and philosophy.

English Channel
North Sea

Indie work -

Research and compare, briefly, the achievements of Hawking with those of Watson & Crick.
Research and compare the writing of Tolkein and Lewis.

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