Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Six major peninsulas around the Med

The map sketched Wed, Oct 3 featured identification of six peninsular regions:
1. Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal)
2. Italian peninsula
3. Greek peninsula (see above)
4. Anatolian peninsula (Turkey)
5. Sinai peninsula (Egypt)
6. Arabian peninsula

The word is from the Latin. "Insula" means "island." "Paeninsula" means "almost an island."

This land form provides lots of coastline and, therefore, much room for harbors - and impetus for trade.

Does Louisiana have a similar advantage? In the Miss R and the Gulf of Mexico we derive opportunities for trade.

Does Shreveport have a land form advantage? The Red River valley has provided profit by trade in a bygone era. Today the US government and the Corps of Engineers have built a lock and dam system at a cost of billions. It has yet to provide the barge traffic and significant advent of factories and warehouses that would make jobs along the Red.

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