Monday, April 14, 2008

David Macaulay's book and film, Roman City

David Macaulay's underground city
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Thurs quiz on
a) map of 13 nations once part of the Roman empire
b) web site notes on the Romans.

David Macaulay:
- illustrator; such books as Castle, Cathedral, Pyramid, The Way Things Work, Underground, etc.
- PBS movies such as Roman City.
- compare to William Joyce.

Pompeii, 79 AD: covered with poisonous gas, ash and lava from Vesuvius.
Herculaneum: neighboring town covered by volcanic mudslide.
Both excavated 1600 years later.

- Romulus & Remus: legend of the she-wolf and fratricide in the founding of Rome.

- Medi: middle. Terra: land. Med sea between 2 continents.

Roman empire: complete rim of the Med. 13 nations as per class notes. "From Spain to the Dead Sea."
Peak of Rome: 300 AD. Population of 1 million; noisy, congested, expensive.

Grid: logiccal city planning under the Romans.
The central Forum surrounded by
- temples
- basilica (law center)
- market
- amphitheaters & theaters.
- public baths.
- apartments.

Mosaic: art form developed during the Roman era.

Celts: ancient peoples of Northern Europe. Their priest class the Druids.
- torc (torque) an open-circle bracelet typical of their jewelry.

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