Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fri, Ap 25: Relief sculpture in soap in geography class / photo Ivy Assiter

A Bas-relief (pronounced [baʁəljɛf], French for "low relief", derived from the Italian basso rilievo) or low relief is a sculpture which is not free-standing or in the round, but has a background from which the main elements of the composition project, notes Wikipedia.

Bas relief has existed in all civilizations creating stone sculpture from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China, to classical, Middle Ages, and Renaissance periods in Europe.

The Elgin marbles (from the Parthenon of Athens, Greece) are a prime example of this form of art, and Stone Mountain is the world's largest bas-relief.

Geo students will create soap sculpture in bas relief Fri, Ap 25. Each student must bring their own bar of soap!

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