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Quiz on Thurs: map and notes on L'Italia

Mediterranean Salad
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Mediterranean Europe includes Italy and all the nations once a part of the Roman Empire.

1. Make a map of the Roman Empire at its peak. Include all the nations on the coast of the Med.

2. One of the gifts of Italy and the Mediterranean world is healthy menus:
olive oil, citrus fruits, vegetables, vino, garlic, etc. Medical research is very positive about the diet Med.

3. Cultural gifts from Italy in regards music are overwhelmingly numerous. Let's start with -
- Bartolomeo Cristofori, developer of the pianoforte (about 1700).
- Antonio Stradivari - most famous maker of high-quality violins, about 1700.
- Terminology of music, such as legato, glissando, piano, forte, fortissimo, etc.

A quiz based on a review of the textbook, pp. 332 - 346.
All things Italian:

1. Two mountain ranges: __, __ .
2. Are Italians seismic? Explain.
3. Climate type?
4. Deforestation?
5. 58 million: enough?
6. Differences between N and S?
7. An example of creativity in Italian products?
8. Did the Christian religion spread before, during or after the Roman Empire?
9. Italy finally became a nation about the year __.
a) 1661 b) 1761 c) 1861
10. In which alliance was Italy in WWI? In WWII?
11. What is the great, rich river valley of Italy?
12. Because of this river’s fertility and profitability, what enterprises developed there?
13. What is subsidence? Name the famous city threatened by subsidence.
14. Name the greatest of the Italian cities in the medieval period. This city was a trading center for goods from the Middle East.
15. What is the Forum?
16. Two most famous buildings in the Vatican City?
17. Which city is associated with the art created during the Renaissance?
18. Why is it not a surprise that the textbook calls Naples one of the poorest cities in Europe?

Answers in another post.

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