Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sudan and the refugees of the long and enormously bloody civil war

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Questions re. The Lost Boys of Sudan -

* Why did the filmmakers include several scenes that referenced life in Kansas as influenced by the church?
* What is the relationship between refugees living in the US and their relatives in Africa?
* What was the chief bureaucratic roadblock to the refugees enrolling in school?
* Why does Santino say, "If I were a bird I would fly back to Africa to the place where refugees going to the US are having orientation and say - 'Lies; it's all lies.'"
* Why did the filmmakers include Sudanese remarks about the frictions between the refugees and Black Americans?
* How would you describe the differences between Peter, who goes to
Kansas, and Santino, who remains in Houston?
* What general ideas have you derived about immigrants and their life in America?
* What is a documentary film? Describe two moments in Lost Boys which you felt were well-chosen for their * ring of truth.* Were there any scenes which felt like they were fake or forced?

Indie Work -
Compare - using research, not from the cuff - the movies Lost Boys of Sudan with another movie we've seen this year. Among them: Ghandi, Lawrence of Arabia and Not One Less.

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