Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CMHS Class of 2012 activities begin Fri, Sept 5

With a team of parents, students and teachers we will plan a slate of activities that will help energize the first-year group. Here are the plans so far . . .

1. Speed Meeting Night: Fri, Sept 5. Fun and getting-acquainted games in the cafeteria as witty emcees move all through a sort of Speed Dating routine.
2. Freshman Talent Show: auditions on Oct 2 and 3. Rehearsals all week, Mon,Oct 6, to Fri, Oct 10. Performance on Fri, Oct 10. It is about singing, dancing, comedy and team-building. Parents will be involved, too.
3. Planting crepe myrtles on the Cmhs campus during the school day.
Date to be announced. We will raise the money, purchase the small trees, bring shovels and plant the saplings on the campus.
4. Homecoming dance and supper. To be announced.

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